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~ your life as art ~ 

Choosing the perfect time to have portraits done is rarely a simple task. While there are those few special moments which create an urgency to have photographs made, most of life is lived outside the big events, and the question becomes: “when is the perfect time for portraits?” We so often live our lives in such a flurry of activity that our days become a blur. We plan to make the time to have portraits done when things slow down and then something else comes up and we're off and running again.  

Scheduling a photo session with Cynthia Graham is about momentarily stopping…..exactly where you are…..and having her create portraits to remind you of the beauty of your everyday life. It’s not about the clothes. It’s not about exotic backdrops or locations. It’s the way your baby nuzzles into your neck when you pick her up. It’s the look of awe on your toddler’s face when he observes a ladybug. It’s the perfect expression of repose in a child who is lost in the vastness of her imagination. These are the simple moments happening every day, but in our busy-ness we fail to take complete notice. These are the moments we want to remember.  

At Cynthia Graham Photography we will work with you to create images that will reveal the artfulness of your life as it is right now. The session may take place in the comfort of your own home, at our studio, or any location of your choice. Beach sessions are also available.  

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